Project Regera Australia is an online motor/luxury marketplace offering benefits such as giveaways, discounts, and events exclusive to our members.

While our membership benefits might seem too good to be true, Project Regera is not a scam. We are a registered Australian business with an ACN 669185675 and permit numbers for all of our draws.

We are always trying to make the checkout experience as easy as possible. Unfortunately, PayPal is not one of the payment gateways that we use now.

The message you have received is from a fake/scam account. We never contact any of our winners on social media and we never ask our community for personal details via Instagram or Facebook. 
Please block and report the account that contacted you and do not click any links that they send you.

Our official Instagram accounts are @projectregera
The account is likely to be a scam if they are a private account, have very few posts, have requested to follow you or have very few likes on their posts. 
Our Facebook account is a business page and therefore we cannot send friend requests. If you receive a friend request from a Project Regera Australia account, please block and report them.


All our live draw videos start at 5:30pm AEST (Sydney Time).

We stream all of the draws live on our Facebook page. You can like our Facebook page to ensure you never miss a live stream!

You must be 18 or over to enter. Our draws are valid to all Australian states, excluding South Australia. Some recent changes in the gaming regulations in SA means we can longer offer our draws to the state’s residents.

You can find your entry numbers in your online account. Once logged in you’ll see your entry numbers on your Account Dashboard.

This is a promotional giveaway and NOT a raffle.

As we are conducting a trade promotional giveaway, we are not required to set a limit on the number of entrants. However, we do cap each draw to give everyone the best chance of winning.
You can find the entrant limit for each draw on their respective webpage.

Yes. After a name is drawn out for a prize, that name is placed back into the barrel for all subsequent prizes.

We stream all our draws live on our Facebook page, you can watch these at any time. We also update our website with a list of winners.

Yes, as per our permit requirements, we have a scrutineer present at all our draws.

No, we do not finance any of our promotional vehicles or items and we ensure that they have a clear title before they are given away.